Discover the 24 cheeses in your 2023 Advent Calendar


1 - Burratina 

A member of the spun pasta family and the little sister of mozzarella, this burratina made from pasteurized cow's milk will win you over with its indisputable assets: a creamy centre and flawless freshness, enough to sublimate your meals!

Chèvre frais

2 - Fresh goat cheese

Fresh goat cheese, made directly on the farm, with an authentic taste. Cheese made from raw goat's milk.

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Casanu nature

3 - Casanu nature

Casanu, a cheese made from pasteurized ewe's milk, is produced by the Corse company in Lucciana. It offers a wide range of cheeses derived from local pastoral know-how. The maturing process gives this cheese its strength and unique taste. Corsica is heir to a strong tradition of breeding Corsican ewes for milk production.

Le truffé

4 - The truffle

Truffle is a truffle-flavored farmhouse cheese made from raw cow's milk, and produced by our farmhouse Reblochon producer.

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5 - Rocamadour PDO

This small, round, flat cheese made from whole raw Alpine goat's milk is a member of the Cabécou family, and for a long time was known as Cabécou de Rocamadour, before being named after the village in the center of the appellation. It has a soft, dark beige or ivory paste and a white rind. It is matured in a cellar. The goats that produce the milk for this cheese feed on rich, varied vegetation, giving it its delicious taste.


6 - Rogeret

Rogeret des Cévennes is a soft cheese with a natural rind, made from raw goat's and cow's milk. It is matured for 3 weeks in a damp cellar. It has a fruity, nutty flavor with a strong goaty aroma. A French cheese from the Ardèche region, it is very similar to Pélardon.

Casatica de bufflonne

7 - Buffalo Casatica

This is one of the few original Italian buffalo pasteurized milk cheeses with a bloomy rind and short maturing period. The taste is always delicate and retains a fresh touch despite its fatty texture. Made in Bergamo

Tomme fermière du Berry with red pesto

8 - Tomme fermière du Berry with red pesto

A soft paste with a good taste of tomato and spices (tomato, pine nuts and fenugreek seeds, Italian aromatic herbs), ideal to make your aperitifs original and greedy or to brighten up your cheeseboards.

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Tommette du châtelard

9 - Tommette du châtelard

In Eydoche, the châtelard dairy produces pressed cooked and uncooked cheeses. Made from local milk, tommettes are produced according to precise heating and maturing techniques. Tomette is pasteurized and matured for 4 weeks.

Ossau iraty

10 - Ossau iraty PDO

Ossau Iraty is made from raw ewe's milk from the Béarn and Basque regions. Delicately typified, Ossau Iraty offers a wide range of aromatic varieties, always haloed by a hint of hazelnut. A cheese of character, with a smooth white paste, its subtle tones vary according to its manufacturing process and maturing period.

Comtesse de vichy

11 - Comtesse de vichy

Comtesse de Vichy is a soft, raw whole cow's milk cheese, pressed by simple draining and with a natural rind. It is made by the Pays d'Urfé cheese dairy, based in St Just en Chevalet in the Loire department, and matured by the Vichy dairy company in the ALLIER department. This cheese is strapped with spruce bark to prevent the paste from escaping during draining, which is carried out by traditional pressure in a vat. The spruce bark gives Comtesse de Vichy its unique woody flavor and subtle character. Its taste is quite pronounced, similar to that of coulommiers.

Gouda de chèvre

12 - Goat's Gouda

The emblematic cheese of the Netherlands, better known in its cow's milk version, Gouda made from pasteurized goat's milk is lighter in color. Aged 12 months, it has aromas of caramel and honey.


13 - Pélerin

Made by the Bernard dairy in the Clunysois region, the milk is collected within a 60 km radius of the dairy. Mi sec cheese made from thermized cow's milk. A mild, delicate cheese to be enjoyed without moderation!

Pecorino aux olives

14 - Pecorino with olives

Travel to Italy with our Sicilian Pecorino with green olives! Its authentic, fruity taste will be a delight as an aperitif or in the kitchen, for example in a risotto.

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Fourme de Mont-brison

15 - Fourme de Montbrison PDO

A blue-veined cheese made from raw cow's milk, originating from Montbrison in the Loire department. Fourme de Montbrison expresses the scent of heather flowers and gentian, the influence of the seasons and the know-how of the people of Forez like no other cheese. Thanks to its exceptionally refined taste, Fourme de Montbrison is the basis for many culinary recipes.


16 - Taleggio PDO

Taleggio is an Italian cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk, matured for 1 to 2 months in a cool, damp cellar. Originally from the north of Bergamo, Taleggio is a cheese with a milky, hay-like flavor.

Meule dent du chat

17 - Meule dent du chat

Dent du chat (also known as meule de Savoie) is a raw, full-fat cow's milk cheese with a pressed cooked paste and washed rind, made by the Yenne dairy cooperative in Savoie. Its paste, whose color varies from light yellow to bright yellow depending on the period of manufacture, is dense. On the nose, Cat's Tooth offers a light scent of fresh grass or straw. On the palate, it's a mild, delicate cheese with a fruity taste. It is similar to Gruyère.

Tomme de brebis d'Estaing

18 - Tomme cheese from Estaing sheep

Tomme d'Estaing is a pressed, uncooked cheese with a natural rind, made from whole, thermized ewe's milk. It originates from the village of Estaing and is produced by the Bergers du Larzac in Aveyron, in the Occitanie region of France. The taste of sheep's milk is soft and fruity, with very fine, pleasant flavors.

Tomme de chèvre cave rousseau

19 - Cave rousseau goat's cheese

Tomme made from pasteurized goat's milk, matured in a traditional cellar in the heart of Chambéry. This cellar is equipped with a water retention tank that collects the humidity from the hill where J.J. Rousseau lived. It's a very rustic, aged-looking cheese, yet very fresh and fruity on the palate.


20 - Timanoix

Timanoix is made by the monks at Timadeuc Abbey in Morbihan. It is matured in walnut liqueur, which gives it its unique taste! 

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21 - Rochebaron

Rochebaron is a blue-veined cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk and covered with vegetable charcoal. It's an Auvergnat cheese from the village of Beauzac, matured for 6 to 8 weeks. Rochebaron resembles Reblochon, but is slightly blue, very unctuous and mild, and lends itself well to cooking.

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22 - Morbier PDO

Morbier cheese, matured for 120 days, is a raw cow's milk cheese with a pronounced taste and character, made in the Jura mountains. It's a terroir cheese.

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Tomme ail des ours

23 - Tomme ail des ours

Tomme à l'ail des ours is a raw cow's milk cheese, matured in cellars in Savoie. Bear's garlic is a wild garlic, which gives the tomme multiple aromas, both powerful and creamy. Bear's garlic tomme can also be eaten melted as a raclette.

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Saint Marcellin

24 - Saint Marcellin PGI

St Marcellin cheese is mild with a meadowy taste. Made from raw cow's milk.

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