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plateaux de raclette

Discover our offers for a raclette with friends

Le Chat-Bo Cheese Factory declares the season of processed cheese open! Natural, smoked, fruity, peppery, take advantage of our offers to share the pleasure of a good raclette with friends and family! For any order of our raclette in size greater than 1 kg, 1kg of potatoes offered! Have an assortment of ready-to-melt cheeses delivered from the best cheese shops in Frances. Conquer new flavors such as goat cheese raclette, light and delicately flavored, Tomme à l'ail des ours (wild garlic) with a pronounced taste and very creamy, raclette smoked over a wood fire, Brézain, raw milk raclette, Morbier, with a mild taste and at the same time with character made in the Jura Mountains, Bleu de Gex haut Jura or Bleu de Septmoncel are appellations of origin designating a French cheese from the Haut-Jura plateaus, straddling the departments of Ain and Jura, the Savoy raclette, made entirely from raw milk supplied by the farmers of the 5 communes of the Chambotte Massif, and manufactured and matured by their cheese dairy, the raclette au poivre made from pasteurized milk! Discover all our products and succumb to the temptation !

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plateaux de fondue

Discover our offers for a fondue with friends

Take advantage of an exceptional offer to prepare a fondue at home as a real Savoyard would! The Fromagerie Le Chat-Bo offers a selection of quality regional products for your fondues with family or friends. For any order of our fondues over 1 kg, 1 bottle of wine selected by our master cheesemaker is offered! Fondue is a mixture of flavor, creaminess, and refinement. Put your pieces of bread in the fondue pot in the center of the table. The Savoyard fondue is a regional dish of the French gastronomy based on melted cheese and bread, traditional of the Savoy countries. This popular dish will enchant you with its multiple aromas. Order our trays or compose your own fondue by choosing the number of cheeses and the variety you want to taste (Emmental, Comté, Beaufort d'Alpage, Gruyère Suisse d'Alpage, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Abondance)

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