Plain ham from Haut-Doubs
Plain ham from Haut-Doubs
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Traditionally, the tuyé was the central room of the Haut-Doubs farmhouses, enclosed in wood.

It was formerly used as a pantry and allowed to preserve

It used to be used as a larder and was used to preserve cured meats (ham, sausages, bacon), giving them a much appreciated taste.

The tuyé du Papy Gaby is the most impressive in the region with a height of 18 metres.

It is also a central piece, which allows to give this unique taste to the salted meats, combined with an ancestral know-how, which has been rewarded many times during competitions.

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Plain ham from Haut-Doubs

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The ham knuckle is very lean and is taken directly from the heart of the ham.

It is lightly salted, smoked or plain and slightly dried.

Vacuum-packed, it can be kept for several months at 20°C.

Its taste is very similar to that of raw ham without bone.

Between 400 gr and 500 gr.

Cheese Maker Advise
Tips from the cheese maker
Slice your ham very thinly. Delicious with a raw milk raclette or as an aperitif.
Plain ham from Haut-Doubs
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