Spearmint syrup-1 L
Spearmint syrup-1 L
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Fruits and plants, flavor, taste, naturalness, trust, proximity, terroir, Montagne Alpes: these words all evoke the Bigallet universe.

Bigallet has developed a unique know-how to make the best use of fruit and plants, with macerations and distillations carried out in our factory, respecting the rhythm of the seasons and the harvest. The quality of our syrups and alcohols is uncompromising: their flavor must be incomparable, with a commitment to naturalness.

The mountains, through the Alps, remain an immutable anchor: Bigallet products come from this rugged yet generous terroir. Finally, the company's close relationship with its partners and customers is a daily reality: every week, they deliver to their distributors, so that their shelves are always stocked with Bigallet quality.

As far as syrups are concerned, they use fruit harvested when ripe and freshly concentrated, as well as a blend of sucrose (from beet) and glucose-fructose (from wheat) to match the sugar in the fruit as closely as possible.

Each syrup recipe has its own secret: blackcurrant bud absolute is used in our blackcurrant syrup, giving it a slightly astringent finish. Pomegranate and an artisanal infusion of Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods are used for our fruity grenadine syrup.

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Spearmint syrup-1 L

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Bigallet spearmint syrup has the intense, aromatic taste of peppermint, with a hint of freshness.

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Spearmint syrup-1 L
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