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Quenelles of Nantua with pike x6

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Enjoy your real Nantua pike dumplings with the real Nantua sauce with crayfish butter.the Nantua sauce and the dumplings are without preservatives and without coloring!


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The genuine Nantua quenelles since 1948.

The Nolo quenelles from Nantua, in the Haut-Bugey region, are the heritage of a unique know-how handed down since 1948.

It was then that the Nolo brothers, who owned the Hôtel de Lyon, one of the best restaurants in Nantua, decided to open their quenelle-making business, complete with the famous Nantua sauce. People came from all over to taste the real Nantua quenelles in this restaurant located on the edge of the RN84," recalls Adrien, the current manager of the Nolo company.

A small company with less than 10 employees, Nolo ensures an unequalled quality of products: the recipe has not changed since 1948 and has been passed on from generation to generation, just like its manufacturing and assembly process. "We value this quality of products.

Nolo Frères' quenelles and Nantua sauce have been made to the same recipe since 1948, and at Nolo Frères, this is of the utmost importance: in Nantua sauce, fresh organic milk is not replaced by smoke or water! As for the quenelles, their recipe is structured around pike or poultry fillets (at least 22% of the ingredients, as opposed to the authorized 12%) and respects the right amount of fresh whole eggs: neither too much nor too little, to ensure that the quenelles are tender and light in the mouth.

All products are guaranteed without preservatives, coloring agents or GMOs.

The assembly is made in two steps: first the panade - the heart of the quenelle - is obtained thanks to a mixture of durum wheat semolina, salt, beef fat, fresh whole eggs, then this panade, once cooked, is mixed again with the other ingredients; pike or poultry fillets, again beef fat, fresh whole eggs and milk.

Nothing but healthy and natural foods!

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