Fondue with 3 Comté AOP + 1 bottle of wine offered
Fondue with 3 Comté AOP + 1 bottle of wine offered
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The Comté "lord of cheeses" is impossible to describe in a few words as its diversity of taste is incredible.

Some are mild, others more salty and milky, while others are rich in aroma and roasted.

The variability of the maturation period (four months minimum) means that it is possible to obtain Comté cheeses from different seasons at any time.

The taste of Comté cheese has several components: the saltiness is brought mainly by the salt with which the Comté cheese has been rubbed during the maturing process; the acidity is not very intense and is more perceptible in young cheeses; the sweetness is quite clear in some cheeses; the bitterness is sometimes found at the end of the tasting.

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souple et ferme
31 %
Toute l'année
Vin du bugey aligoté
AOC depuis 1958

Fondue with 3 Comté AOP + 1 bottle of wine offered

€18.95 Tax included

A blend of fondue cheeses specially concocted by your cheesemonger using 3 different types of Comté.

A mild one with a light hazelnut taste; the second one made from Jura alpine milk with a slightly more pronounced taste and an aged Comté with a more important salt crystallization.

Cheeses made from raw cow's milk.

The bottle of white wine will be selected by the master cheesemaker and will not correspond especially to the photo.

*The grated fondue must be consumed within 4 days maximum!

Minimum 200 gr of cheese per person

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Tips from the cheese maker
When you reach the end of your 3 cheese fondue, add an egg yolk to the pan and stir before resuming the tasting! Some add a pinch of bicarbonate to facilitate digestion. If you are numerous, vary the pleasures and take advantage of it to make a fondue wit
Fondue with 3 Comté AOP + 1 bottle of wine offered
Nombre de personnes : 2
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